OpticStudio 17 Beta Program (Latest Beta is from Aug 31st)

OpticStudio 17 Beta Program (Latest Beta is from Aug 31st)

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This is the forum for the OpticStudio Beta Program -- you can sign up for it here. We are currently testing Betas for the OpticStudio 17 release. You can hear more about the new features in this playlist.

Each new feature will have its own child forum. Please post your feedback and questions in the appropriate forum, and we'll respond as soon as we can!

About OpticStudio Betas
OpticStudio Betas are pre-release versions of the software. Joining the OpticStudio Beta Program means you'll get early access to new features that are planned for the next release. You’ll be test-driving Beta versions, and posting your feedback here on the forum. Your feedback can significantly change how the features are implemented, and what goes into the next release. You'll be shaping the future of OpticStudio!

Sign up for the OpticStudio Beta Program

Any OpticStudio customer who is current on their annual maintenance/support plan can join the OpticStudio Beta Program. Sign up here, and then you'll see a link to download the latest OpticStudio Beta. We’ll also let you know when a newer Beta is available.

Install the Beta into a separate folder in your Program Files, so you can run the Beta in addition to the current release.
Please note that Beta versions may contain bugs, and may not function as well as the full release. Please report all questions and potential bugs to the forum, or to support@zemax.com.
Also, documentation for the new features is not complete, so the Help files, KB articles, and tutorials may not be updated to include the latest changes. We're happy to answer any questions that you may have though.


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