Closed - OpticStudio 16.5 Beta Program

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Closed - OpticStudio 16.5 Beta Program

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New ZRD reader in the API
Changes to Threading
Thank you for a successful OpticStudio 16.5 Beta Program!
Improvement Phosphor and Fluorescence Modeling
Thank you!
An Interactive ZOS-API Interactive session has been added
Automatic Solve on Clear and Mechanical Semi-Diameters
About the OpticStudio Beta Program
New number of rays limits in filter strings
Current 16.5 Beta Version: October 7, 2016
New Bernhard Halle Lens Catalog
Operands for Clear and Mechanical Semi-Diameters
CAD Export for Opto-Mechanical Semi-Diameters
Lumens Output in Flux vs. Wavelength Analysis
2 Step Softkey License Transfer
Webinar - OpticStudio 16.5 Beta Program & New Features
Better Graphics Performance with DirectX11 Now the Default Rendering Engine
Update Layout Windows Only
NSC MTF Calculation: OS 16.5 beta

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