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This is a community forum. In order to receive technical support from Zemax, please email support@zemax.com and include your key serial number. This forum is not supported by Zemax personnel.

Soon, the Zemax User Forum will be removed and migrated to a new location on the Zemax Customer Portal. Instructions and invitations to join will be sent to all current Zemax customers at that time. The Japanese and Chinese OpticStudio Users Forums will remain open and will be migrated at a later date.

In addition to a new forum, the Zemax Customer Portal will provide all current customers with an improved Knowledge base, the ability to view and manage licenses, and create support tickets, among other functionality. If you have any questions or would like to be involved in a customer beta program, please contact webmaster@zemax.com

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New Forum and user accounts - 4/24/2019 
- The new forum launch date has been moved back to next month. A final date will be announced once it is available.

Existing forum users may still post and reply. Automatic registration form to get a new forum account are now disabled. Click "Register" at the top right for instructions to manually request an account.  

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