Zemax throws errors on startup: "Can't open file" and "Invalid folder name"

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By Matthias23 - Monday, February 17, 2014 1:06 PM
I just installed Zemax for the first time. When I start the program, it throws dozens of errors, saying that several folders and files (e.g. D:\Documents\Zemax\OBJECTS) cannot be opened or are invalid. The errors suggest to "Please create this folder or verify the data path." However, all these folders/files are valid and present on my harddisk.

Similar errors come up when I try to open sample designs in Zemax. I can see the files in the Windows Explorer but Zemax cannot open them.

Otherwise, the program runs fine, I can make designs from scratch.

What is wrong?


By Matthias23 - Monday, February 17, 2014 3:38 PM
Just found the error myself. Zemax seems to have used the wrong path to my "My Documents" folder. It used a path that I once had on a previous Windows installation (yes, I mean a previous installation of the operating system). It is mysterious where Zemax might have gotten this path from, since I have never used on the current computer. It must have been some old Windows setting (maybe a registry key) that got ported over when I transferred the settings of a previous Windows installation to my current one. In any case, the developers might look into this and get their environment variables in a proper way, rather than ripping them from the registry or wherever they got them from...